Penis Insurance is Coming

Penis Insurance - YES Penis Insurance!

Penis Insurance you say? Other than adult film stars and possibly touring rock band members, who could need such a thing? Well, one could argue that roughly half the population has an "insurable asset" in this category, and it's probably also fair to say that this asset is near and dear to most of that population. Penis Insurance is an ingenius approach from an "I'm definitely cooler than you are" men's wear company out of beautiful (read as COLD) Canada. is a purveyor of (primarily) men's underwear that's decided that they are going to offer a different kind of "coverage" for men's privates.

Penis Insurance from UNDZ

Normally they use a mixture of organic cotton and spandex to do the job, but now they also offering coverage in the form of $50,000 of Penis Insurance, underwritten by Lloyds, free to anyone who purchases three pair of underwear. The genius behind the move is, well... what man doesn't want to be able to say that his man-parts are insured by Lloyds. That's a conversation starter if I've ever heard one before. Hats off to these gentlemen for their move to protect the family jewels, and you can find out more about how to get your assets insured either by logging onto or by going to the Penis Insurance page on the UNDZ website. While you're there, you can peruse their edgy designs, and read the manifesto that explains their environmentally friendly stance. Turns out they want to protect mother-nature too.