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Five Myths About Painful Sex

Written by  Richard Cooke
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Five Myths about Painful Sex

Painful sex, or abstinence from intercourse because of pain is a more common condition than you might realize. Unfortunately, it's not a subject that many are quick to talk about. Embarrassment, feelings of inadequacy, and general uncomfortableness with the topic can cause women and couples to avoid seeking the assistance that can grant relief. We've decided to debunk some of the myths surrounding painful sex, and what can be done about it. Most importantly though, don't be afraid to speak to your physician, or seek out a professional with experience specifically in the field.


Myth # 1. There is no explanation for why sex is painful.

Every day, women around the world experience painful sex or difficulty with penetration. While women, and their partners, may believe it’s just a fact of life, there IS an explanation.

Commonly, painful sex is a symptom of vaginismus (What is Vaginismus) or dyspareunia (What is Dyspareunia?). Vaginismus, or the painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina in response to physical contact or pressure, is a real medical condition, and is treatable.


Myth #2Sex is supposed to hurt.

While many women just “accept” painful sex, sex is NOT supposed to hurt.  True, a woman’s first sexual interaction may be painful, but ongoing pain and discomfort during sex is atypical and should be examined by a medical professional.


Myth #3Painful Sex is your Fault.

There are many emotions and breakdowns that are characteristic to having painful sex, including the associated shame and secrecy, the feeling of helplessness and of being ‘stuck forever’ with this condition, and an overall perception of being a failure as a woman and a sexual partner. However, painful sex is NEVER the fault of any woman. In many cases, painful sex can be attributed to treatable conditions such as vaginismus or dyspareunia.


Myth #4. There is no Cure for Painful Sex.

Unfortunately, some women do believe that there is no cure for painful sex. This is NOT true! Painful sex is generally a treatable condition, and treating vaginismus or dyspareunia is an attainable goal with the proper help. Visiting a specialized treatment center such as the Women's Therapy Center is a great first step in achieving pain-free sex.


Myth #5. Painful Sex will go away on its own.

Many women choose to wait to see if pain during intercourse will go away. Unfortunately, painful sex generally does not go away on it’s own. The earlier you seek treatment for vaginismus or dyspareunia, the sooner you’ll achieve pain free sex. So just remember - it’s not your fault, there is no reason to feel ashamed, and there is a cure!

treating vaginismus and dyspareunia - painful sex

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