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Written by  Richard Cooke
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Holiday gift giving should be an enjoyable activity, it's certainly one that I look forward to every year. Coming up with the perfect gifts for the children in my life is always the easiest, and possibly most fun part of my holiday shopping adventure. However, something that I really don't enjoy, and almost never do well, is shopping for gifts for my wife, my parents and my in-laws.

This year however I found something that is just too fantastic not to share. These beautiful, hand created Amish Quilts are a fantastic gift for someone that truly deserves something special. As they explain on their website, each one of these "...Amish Quilt takes at least two months to create, by a single Amish quilter. These artists piece together each quilt from as many as a thousand individual pieces. Every single quilt [they] sell is 100% hand quilted and hand bound by one artist."

The "they" in this case is a wonderful little company called Amish Spirit. They have been working with small, old-order Amish community for years, sourcing the most beautiful, handmade examples of Amish Quilts from the individual women that make them. It's really quite an interesting story on its own. In many cases, these quilts are the only source of income these women have, as they are often not-allowed to work outside the home. It's fortunate for us that Amish Spirit does such a good job of sourcing and selecting these works of art, and bringing them to the internet, so they are available for us to buy from the comfort of our own homes.

I encourage you to click through to the galleries on Amish Spirit's website, the variety of patterns and colors is really neat. Now these aren't cheap gifts, but they are an extrordinary value in my opinion, because in this case, we're talking about gifts that are going to last for years, if not generations. As Amish Spirit puts it "each one is unique, destined to become a family heirloom."

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